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2005 Fisher Beverage River Street Pub
Armwrestling Tournament - Hot Springs, SD.
May 28, 2005 - Tournament Director - Leonard Harkless

Menís Right Hand Open
0-154: Mark Gerbing H.S. SD/ Nick Simunek H.S. SD/ Kody Jahrig H.S. SD
155-176:Don Bertolotto Belle Fourche SD/Torey Walker Hot Springs SD
177-198: David Julius Chadron NE/David Barner Hot S. SD/Steve Merrill H. S. SD
199-242:Luke Pulcher SD/Don Bertolotto B. F. SD/Michael Haver Chadron NE
243+:Mark Sherrodd Hermosa SD/Luke Pulcher H.S. /Michael Haver Chadron NE
Menís Left Hand Open
0-154: Mark Gerbing Hot Springs SD/ Kody Lahr Hot Springs SD
155-176:Don Bertalotto B.F, SD/Mark Gerbing H.S. SD/ Justin Hinrichs H. S. SD
177-198: Andy Hinrichs Hot Springs SD/ J.D. Shaw Laramie WY
199-242: Luke Pulcher H. S. SD/Andy Hinrichs H.S. SD/ J.D. Shaw Laramie WY
243+: Mark Sherrodd Hermosa SD/Luke Pulcher H.S. SD/ Wm Kahler H.S. SD
Ladies Right Hand Open: 0-121:Jamie Lyons Belle Fourche SD
121-143: Tanya Jensen Hot Springs SD/ Jamie Lyons Belle Fourche SD
Menís Right Hand Novice: 0-154 1st Nick Simunek Hot Springs SD
155-176 1st Trent Kleinhesel Lead SD
177-198 1st Steve Merrill Hot Springs SD
This event was sanctioned and staffed by The United States Armwrestling Association.For more information on upcoming tournaments call 1-406-245-1560

11th Annual USAA National Pro-Am Armwrestling Championship

Tahoe Biltmore Lodge & Casino Ė Crystal Bay, Lake Tahoe, Mevada

May 13-15, 2005    

Arnold Classic Armwrestling Challenge 2005
Arnold Fitness Expo - Columbus, Ohio
March 5th & 6th
Tournament Directors - Denise Wattles & Leonard Harkless

Menís Pro Right 0-154
Bryon Thomas, IN/ Simon Berriochoa, CA/ RJ Molinere, LA/ Flori Dutra Jr., Brazi
Menís Pro Right 155-176
George Iszakouits, Canada/ James Smith, AR/ Chris Chandler, WY/ Anthony Dall-Antonia, Canada
Menís Pro Right 177-198
Mike Selearis, NY/ Don McClary, CA/ Bill Sinks, VT/ Bryan Johnson, MT
Menís Pro Right 199+
Travis Bagent, WV/ Marcio Barboza, Brazil/ Harold Owens, IN/ Shawn Turner, VA
Ladies Pro Right 0-143
Tamara Mitts, Canada/ Karen Cooley, MI/ Karen Curavoo, VT/ Tonya Wood, AR

 2005 Bud South Dakota State Armwrestling Championship

Circle Lounge Ė Belle Fourche Ė February 26th

Novice Right 0-154: Ian Newman/ Lee Swesey/ Larry Hawkins

Novice Right 177-198: Daniel Mooney/ Todd Munyon

Novice Right 199+: Lucas Teigen/ Jeff Sagers/ Todd Munyon/ Jesse Heuther

Menís Left 0-154: Justin Dockter

Menís Left 155-176: Justin Dockter/ Don Bertolotto

Menís Left 177-198: Joe Baker/ Kobe Thompson/ Todd Munyon

Menís Left 199-242: Jon Goble

Menís Left 199+: Devin Bair/ Mark Sherrodd/ Myron Schmidt/ Jon Goble

Ladies Right 0-121: Lindsey Wolff

Ladies Right 122-143: Tami Waite

Ladies Right Hand Open: Mick McAuley/ Tami Waite/ Mary Bertolotto/ Lindsey Wolff

Menís Right 0-154: Justin Dockter/ Ian Newman

Menís Right 155-176: Eric Gunsch/ Justin Dockter/ Larry Favinger/ Don Bertolotto

Menís Right 177-198: Eric Gunsch/ John Gunsch/ Kobe Thompson/ Joe Baker

Menís Right 199-242: Luke Pulscher/ John Gunsch/ Ed Lemaster

Menís Right 243+: Myron Schmidt/ Mark Sherrodd/ Jeff Sagers

Ladies Right Hand Overall Champion: Mick McAuley

Menís Left Hand Overall Champion: Devin Bair

Menís Right Hand Overall Champion: Myron Schmidt

Best Sportsmanship Award: Todd Munyon

Grand Victoria Presents Championship Armwrestling II

Grand Victoria Casino , Rising Sun, IN Ė January 29, 2005

Tournament Directors Leonard Harkless & Denise Wattles

Novice Right 0-154: Ron Perry Jr./ Ted Ingledue/ Harley Robbins/ Greg Arnold

Novice Right 155-176: Mike Adams/ TJ Holbert/ Jonathan Leftwich/ Bob Smith

Novice Right 177-198: Brad Simpson/ Steven Bradley/ Benjamin Montgomery

Novice Right 199+: Dan McKinney/ Randy Malkowski/ Shawn Curry/ Mark Hayworth

Amateur Left 0-154: Drew Dominique/ Justin Morris/ Ted Ingledue

Amateur Left 155-176: Mike Knepp/ Jim Ingledue

Amateur Left 177-198: Romanas Olibininkas/ Nathan Boyd/ Brad Simpson/ Lanny Julian

Amateur Left 199-242: Randy Malkowski/ Jim Ingledue

Amateur Left 243+: Bill Nelson/ John Bates/ Blake Perry/ Larry Kelley

Amateur Right 0-154: Drew Dominique/ Ted Ingledue

Amateur Right 155-176: Troy McKeehan/ Mike Knepp/ Mike Dawson/ K Archipovas

Amateur Right 177-198:Brad Simpson/ Lanny Julian/ D. Martusevicius/ R. Olibininkas

Amateur Right 199-242: Arturas Likowski/ Randy Malkowski/ Shawn Curry

Amateur Right 243+: Blake Perry/ John Bates/ Larry Kelley

Ladies Amateur right Open: Darlene Ingledue/ Sherry Haist/ Stacy Ingledue/ Julie Julian

Pro Left 0-165: Nick Kleiber/ Jeremy Hurst/ Cobra Rhodes/ Willie Reagan

Pro Left 166-198: Steve Rau/ Gerald Dees/ Tony Kitowski/ R. Olibininkas

Pro Left 199-242: Rex Davidson/ Jeff Bradley/ Blaine Middleton

Pro Left 243+: Pete Wabuda/ Harold Owens/ Bill Nelson/ Larry Kelley

Ladies Pro Right Open: Dalia Medziausyte/ Aline Dees/ Darlene Ingledue/ Shannon Tomblan

Pro Right 0-165: Cobra Rhodes/ Jeremy Hurst/ Mike Dawson/ Nick Kleiber

Pro Right 166-198: Steve Rau/ Greg Thompson/ Rick Firsich/ Terry West

Pro Right 199-242: Mike West/ Jeff Bradley/ Blaine Middleton/ Arturas Likowski

Pro Right 243+: Harold Owens/ Kenny Flynn/ Pete Wabuda/ Blake Perry

Menís Right Hand Overall Champion: Harold Owens

Menís Left Hand Overall Champion: Steve Rau

Ladies Right Hand Overall Champion: Dalia Medziausyte

Best Sportsmanship Award: Bill Arnold


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