22007 Arnold Classic Armwrestling Challenge Roster- January 21, 2007

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ACAC 2007 0-154# Bracket CLICK HERE

ACAC 2007 155-176# Bracket CLICK HERE

ACAC 2007 177-198# Bracket CLICK HERE

ACAC 2007 199+ Bracket CLICK HERE

ACAC 2007 Ladies 0-143# Bracket CLICK HERE

ACAC 2007 Ladies 144-176# Bracket CLICK HERE

Men's Pro Right 0-154:

Alan Berget, MI/ Lee Culpepper, AL/ Maksim Khodau, Canada/ Stephen Kirlew, England/ Shawn Kirkpatrick, ID/ Corey Miller, WY/ RJ Molinere, LA/Roger Nowatske, NE/ Steve Rogers, England/ Vazgen Soghoyan, CA/ Luke Stanley, MO/ Corey Ruiz, GA

Men's Pro Right 155-176:

Andy Barker, England/ Simon Berriochoa, CA/ Chris Chandler, WY/ Shawn Dempsey, MO/ Clayton Faulconer, Canada/ Allen Fisher, CA/ Mike Frazier, ID/ Kevin Harris, NE/ George Iszakouits, Canada/ John Parton, AK/ Craig Sanders, England/ Anthony Snook, PA/ Russell Stark, CO/ Emlyn Williams, CO

Men's Pro Right 177-198:

Bill Ballinger, IN/ Fraser Benoit, Canada/ Bob Brown, UT/ Arthur Dorohov, Latvia/ Kayne Hemsing, Canada/ Steve Kauppi, Canada/Herman McCoy, OR/Craig Mitchell, Canada/ Del Mudryk, Canada/ Tony Picchioldi, IL/ Neil Pickup, England/ Brent Rakers,IL/ Rich Simpson,CO/ James Smith,AR/ Mike West, IN/ Dan Whittle, OK

Men's Pro Right 199+:

Kody Asbury, UT/ Marcio Barboza, NJ/ Ron Bath, GA/ Sylvan Bielli, Switz./ Lee Bonnett, WI/ John Brzenk, UT/ John Creekmore, MI/ Rex Davidson, OH/ Ryan Espey, Canada/ Paul Fischer, WI/ Dan Fortuna, NY/ Sunny Gay, KY/ Alan Greaves, England/ Sergie Ivanov, Ukraine/ Todd Lembicz, Canada/ Mark MacPhail, Canada/ Matt Mask, Canada/ Greg Mayfield, OK/ Blaine Middleton, IL/ Harold Owens, IN/ Lars Rorbakken, Norway/ Shawn Ross, Canada/ John Ruggerio, NY/ Michael Todd, AR/ Earl Wilson, Canada

Ladies Pro Right 0-143:

Karen Cooley, MI/ Judy Dodd, CA/ Alicia Huddleston, OH/ Darlene Ingledue, OH/ Tammy Milligan, Canada/ Tamara Mitts, Canada/ Andrea Paul, NE/ Laila Taule, Norway/ Laura Webb, Canada/ Tonya Wood, AR/ Margie (Ciaccio) Worden

Ladies Pro Right 144-176:

Elaine Barker, England/ Elaine Blik, ID/Joyce King, Canada/Rene Mahoney, CA/Linda Swita, WI




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