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USAF Anti Doping Global Suspension


The USAF Board will honor any accurately documented and communicated suspension request made of the USAF provided it was rendered upon an athlete as a direct result of a properly administrated drug screen facilitated by the WAF, or any WAF legally recognized and affiliated National or Continental Armwrestling Federation.  This includes suspensions leveled on an athlete for refusing to submit to a drug screen where the suspending organization can properly substantiate the athlete committed to submit to that particular drug screen in writing by his or her own signature.  Any athlete that has been proven to have failed a valid drug screen, been properly availed of their correct due process, thus subsequently and appropriately suspended to the satisfaction of the USAF will not be allowed to compete in any USAF event or function until their documented suspension expires.  The validity of any suspension request from any group is subject to review by the USAF in detail before it will be honored by the USAF.

It is the responsibility of the WAF, or any WAF legally recognized and affiliated National or Continental Armwrestling Federation to ensure a formal letter of suspension request on the entities letter head is provided to the USAF with the signature of the suspending organization president validating the enclosed information.  The information must come from the group responsible for the testing as this will be the group that has to substantiate the validity of their program and the suspension it is requesting be honored.  Additionally a copy of the certified and verifiable laboratory test results substantiating the suspension must accompany the letter requesting the USAF to honor their suspension.  The USAF will only honor the exact details of any suspension as it is provided to them within the documentation required once reviewed and approved by the USAF.  It is the obligation of the afore mentioned suspending organization to update the USAF formally in writing with the presidents signature in the event there is any change of the status of the athlete or the original suspending documentation, in the absence of any properly detailed and USAF approved changes to the action, the previously accepted documentation stands exactly as it was provided and approved by the USAF.

The USAF reserves the right to review, question and even refuse to honor any doping suspension request that does not meet the criteria herein, is not properly documented or where there is adequate reason to believe the testing or due process was not properly administrated by the requesting or testing organization/facilitator. 

The USAF supports the  athletes and  firmly stands behind the position that all athletes are entitled to every right that should be availed of them within the confines of the terms the two entities agreed upon in writing as it directly addresses the groups anti doping policy, however the USAF stipulates that the terms of the agreement must in their estimation reflect a fair, impartial, and complete program that availed the athletes of their appropriate rights around the matter.  As such the USAF further reserves the right to question any organization regarding any information it deems warranted in direct regard to their anti doping policy, the suspension request, the athletes test results, the investigation of the circumstances around the results up to and including every aspect of the entire doping policy, protocol, chain of custody and process, from the terms of the agreement throughout punishment.

If a requesting entity refuses or fails to provide any piece of requested information or documentation that the USAF requires to consider the suspension request, it may leave the USAF no choice but to deny the organizations request to honor the suspension due to the matter having to be considered without all of the information necessary in order to come to an accurate determination of the suspension request.

Doping and its controls are a very serious matter, as such the USAF expects every aspect of this manner of controls to be handled appropriately by all organizations for the betterment of the sport of armwrestling the world over. 


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