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United States Armwrestling Federation is an "umbrella" Association which was formed in 1998 to unify the Armwrestling associations in the United States. Currently there are over 45 member associations.  United States Armwrestling Federation is the only Armwrestling Association in the United States recognized by the World Armwrestling Federation. Each year the United States Armwrestling Federation qualifies a team of athletes to represent the U.S. at the WAF World Championship at the USAF Unified National Championship. World Armwrestling Federation (WAF) rules are used at the Unified National Championship. 

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United States Armwrestling Federation Executive Board

President - Bill Collins

Secretary/Treasurer - Bill Cox IAF

Bill & Gerry Cox - IAF

David Devoto & John Burgeson- WWC

Bill Collins & Bob Brown/Simon Berriochoa- AWP

Leonard Harkless & Denise Wattles - USAA

    Founding Member Associations:

  World's Wristwrestling Championship - (WWC) - Dave Devoto  & John Burgeson

International Armwrestling Federation -  (IAF)-Bill & Gerri Cox

United States Wristwrestling/Armwrestling Assn., Inc.  - (USWA/USAA)  Leonard Harkless & Denise Wattles

Member Associations:

Action Sports Promotions - Bobby Brookshire, President

 Arizona Arm Wrestling Assn. - Eric Wolfe

Arms By Sam - Sam Cooper, President

ArmWorld Promotions - Bill Collins

BTB Armwrestling Association - Bob Brown, President

Colorado Armsports - Russ & Brandy Stark

Connecticut Unified Arm Wrestling Association  - Josh Stark, President

Dirty Dealer Ent.L.L.C. - Fire Up Thundr Out - Howard Clifton

Disabled ArmSports for the Physically Challenged - Alan & Phyllis Bown

East Coast Power - Brian Washington, President

Green Mountain Armsports - Bill Sinks and Karen Curavoo

Illinois Arm Sports - Tony Picchioldi

Indiana Armwrestling - Tony Villa

Ironman Armwrestling Association - Stanley Clark

Mainstreet Armwrestling - Mike Bowling

NEW!!  Mid-Michigan Armwrestling Assn. - David Callahan, President

Midwestern Armwrestling - Michael Drew

NEW!!  Mile High ArmSports - Rick Cisneros & Jeff Ames

New Mexico Armsports - Jeff Ames & Travis Berggren

New York Arm Wrestling Association (NYAWA) - Gene Camp, President

North Idaho ArmSports  - Travis Miller & Jarod Cash Promoters

Northeastern Armwrestling Association - Peter Milano/James Retarides

Ohio Armwrestling Association - Jerome Moore

Oregon Armbenders  - Barbara McCoy, President - Herman McCoy, V. P.

"Over The Top" Armwrestling - Gino D Camelli

PAC - John Burgeson & Dave Devoto

Pennsylvania Armwrestling Assn - Robert Stanger

Eastern Pennsylvania Armwrestling - Susan Fischer, President

Power House Arm Wrestling - Willie Reagan, President

Professional Armwrestling Association - Travis Bagent, President

Pullers for Christ - Harold Ryden  

Sol "Arm & Hammer" Ingram Promotions - Sol Ingram, President

South Dakota Armwrestling - Chris Josten

Southeastern Armwrestling Association - Chris Coletti, President 

Southern Grit Armwrestling Assn - Allen & Nancy Hester

Southern States Armwrestling Association - Michael Todd

Spartan Weightlifting Club, Inc. - Walter Nadeau, President

Team New Jersey Armwrestling - Steve Carbone

Team Maine Armwrestling - Kurt Howgate, IAF Maine State Director

Team Texas Armwrestling - Rick Garcia, President

United States Arm Wrestling Association - Randy Sampias, President

 Team Utah Armwrestling - Kody Merritt

West Coast Pro-Am Armwrestling - John Burgeson, President

Wisconsin Power Pullers - Steve Southworth, President



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